Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Haunt of the Day: SeaView Terrace (Carey Mansion)

Tonight's episode of Ghost Hunters (9 p.m. on Syfy) will feature an investigation of Carey Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.

The sprawling estate, originally known as SeaView Terrace, is perhaps best known from the television series Dark Shadows (1966-71), which used its exterior as the fictional Collinwood Mansion.

Completed in 1928, the massive Frech Renaissance chateau is regarded as the last of the great "Summer Cottages" and is the fifth largest of Newport's famous mansions.

I am very interested in tonight's investigation, as I am not aware of any specific claims as to paranormal activity at this location. Given it's long history, shear size, and seaside location, I am certain there are many stories.

Are you familiar with SeaView Terrace, or have you perhaps ever toured or investigated the mansion?

Looking forward to hearing everyone's feedback on tonight's episode. Here is the teaser trailer:


  1. I would love to do an investigation here. If any group is planning on doing so please let me know

  2. I grew up rushing home from elementary school to watch every episode of Dark Shadows that I could. I am a forever fan. I lived in CT for five years, visited Newport many times, walked the Cliff Walk, and never knew that so much Dark Shadows history was right there. Of course, that was when the internet was in its baby stage. I will have to make a trip back there and visit all of the sites from the show. Great episode, TAPS!!!!

  3. I really want to visit some Haunted Houses in NJ ! I love checking out haunted places they are always so interesting. The back stories are awesome and the atmosphere is really cool.